World Domination

Dear Comrades,

This is to announce something really special on the occasion of the first day of New Year 2014.

In the middle of last year, I tied up with an independent music store called CD Baby to make my music more easily accessible and readily available around the world. My last album- 'While Jill Sleeps...' is available on all digital stores. There will be physical copies available as well through CD-Baby in the very near future. Here are some of the well known stores where you will find the digital copies:


Actually, if you type my name on any major digital store and streaming site, you will find my music. He he...

You will find varied prices on different sites. Why? Some of you may wonder. That is not because I have suddenly become greedy. That is only because different distributors take a percentage of their share for the sale of each album or single for providing their respective services and give the rest to me. This differs from company to company.

The cheapest option is to buy music from my own web site It is very cheap for you and is good for me as well because there is no third party involved in this one (in other words, I am the distributor on my own site). Plus you get the album booklet (with lyrics, photos and other information) which is the only thing that is unavailable at the moment on all other sites. So, it is good value for money. But the other digital stores are perhaps more suitable for those fans outside UK like Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Congo, Uruguay, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, India, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Russia, etc. Some of you may have preference for a particular site like say iTunes and Google Play. If you want to decide before buying, there is a free streaming option as well (you can only stream for complete songs from my web site. The others last for only a few seconds).

There is no looking back now. World domination is all on my mind. Captain America and Monkeys with Arctic State of Mind, are you listening?! The cold war ain't over yet!


Yours truly,

Soviet Space Bat

(A Capitalising Socialist)


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