Dear Comrades,

Today is the big day! This album was originally going to be a sequel to the debut work- ‘Puppets of Time-1’. In a way it is and the working title I always had in mind was ‘Puppets of Time-2’. However, only in the last month or so my whole perception of the album took a different angle. There was another dimension to it. Hence, the album’s title was changed to a more concise one that fits in well with the overall theme. This album stands out on its own as well although there are a few links to the previous album. This is more conceptual than the first album (which to me now sounds like a showcase of what is going to come...)

The recording of this album started quite a while ago. It was on 19th March 2012 when the first two songs- ‘While Jill Sleeps’ and ‘Reality Bites’ were recorded. Actually, the first song that was recorded was ‘While Jill Sleeps...’ but I didn’t like the way it sounded at all. I later recorded that separately in a totally different location. The whole recording process was very slow. Some momentum was gained only around August, then things started falling into place and finally, by 6th October, the album was recorded and mixed. In about couple of weeks, it was completely mastered as well.

Actually, although the album officially releases today, there were some pre-release copies of the album made for Halloween release to tie in with the release of the single- ‘Reality Bites’. I played a show at The Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park on 31st October and these copies were available back then.

Vincent Damon Furnier often says Alice Cooper is a character he created and that in real life, he is not that character. However, in my case, it is different. I have not exactly created a character and I don’t get “into” a character. Soviet Space Bat is an extension of who I am in real life. In a way, it is a theatrical version of my normal self. Actually, I am more real and expressive when I am on stage than off the stage. In a normal situation, I tend to hide sometimes and am more or less of an introvert. So, if you really want to understand the creature behind the mask and the whole point of why I make music, I suggest that you listen to this album in its entirety.

Please leave your honest opinions on what you think about it. It means a lot to get feedback from you lot. If you feel like writing a review about it, do that. I’d really appreciate it. Spread the word. At the end of the day, I am not just making music for myself and to be played only in my bat cave. It needs to be leave the bell tower, the tunnel and it should be out there... in space!!!

Yours truly,

Soviet Space Bat

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