The New October Revolution


Dear Comrades,

It gives me immense pleasure to address this debut speech in front of all you people assembled here on this auspicious day, nearly a century after the great October Revolution. I remember my school days when I used to carry a green shoulder bag that was made in Czechoslovakia. I used to be called a “Grasshopper” by my fellow mates. Little did they foresee the entity I would eventually transform into and where I would reach!

The place I come from is immaterial even though it is somewhat self-explanatory. I have always felt alienated but never forcibly tried to alienate myself from anyone. I used to often find that I have hardly anything in common with most of the humans around me. For this reason, I have been either looked upon as someone who has not yet started living a life or someone who is clearly clouded. This is true to a degree. Sometimes if I am physically present in front of someone, my spirit wanders elsewhere. However, my idea of life has never been about possessing Batmobiles or going on acid trips unlike millions of others.

It is hard to be individualistic and sincere when there are so many mundane things around that can distract you and attract you as well. If you try to be yourself, you might be considered a loser by those around you because you do not fulfil their expectations or what is generally expected from a society. But you are the true winner as long as you believe in yourself, your ideals and stand by your dreams irrespective of all the hardships. Life is a paradox in a way and sometimes it makes sense to see everything upside down.

Please excuse me if I sound a bit preachy here but the following are my guidelines in order to become the ultimate cosmonaut:
• Say “Yes” to utopia, personal freedom and your own space.
• Say “No” to traitors who mislead people into a manifesto that is essentially a reflection of their own egos.
• You can believe or disbelieve anything. However, beware of getting indoctrinated by anybody without using your instincts. Similarly, keep your personal beliefs with you but try your best not to force your ideas on someone. Do not become a narrow minded person in the name of religion, politics, arts and just about anything.
• Keep a mind that is as expansive as the space but have the courage to say “No” to space invaders.

Following the aforementioned steps will help you to be in that special spaceship. When I say spaceship, I do not mean a claustrophobic cubicle where you have to lie in to reach for the stars or go for interplanetary joyrides. This can be done without a physical medium. Music connects all of us irrespective of any kind of barrier. It is vital for us and is universal. Music is the most genuine spaceship that can transport us backwards and forwards, upwards and downwards and even help us to move in an orbit. It is definitely a therapy for me and also a source of joy.

I played my first ever music show on 29th October 2009 in a place called Half Moon at the bottom of a majestic hill in suburban London. Was that a mere coincidence that it took place nearly one hundred years after the original October Revolution or something that was pre-destined? It just showed that what I have always dreamt and strongly believed in was actually taking shape. Sometimes what others dismiss as myth, I consider that as reality and vice-versa.

Hopefully, I shall be coming soon to a town or city near you to play music and transport you into another plane. For the time being, do listen to the first part of my debut album called ‘Puppets of Time’. Your honest feedback about the album and my music in general are welcome. Do also go through the Articles section and my newspaper entitled 'Bat Times' under Blogs section for a wide range of topics, news and stories. 

Comrades unite! Let us get spaced out...

With flying kisses,
Soviet Space Bat


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