The New Album Release Date

Dear Comrades,

The brand new album is called ‘While Jill Sleeps...’ and it releases today on the 8th of November on this web site. The album will be available in two formats- digital and physical. Digital version can be downloaded directly onto your computer. It will come with all the artwork, lyrics, etc. that you can download onto your hard disks and make your own discs if you need. The other alternative is to buy physical copies of the album. You can buy directly from me by mailing me via my web site or Facebook. Another way is to attend my live shows and I can give you the CDs directly. For example, I'll be playing a special show at The Junction in Harrow-on-the-Hill on the 8th November to mark the occasion of the release of the new album and the CDs will be available today. You can also stream and listen to the album before you buy it. Ultimately, I would encourage you all to buy the album.

More details about the album coming soon...

With flying kisses,
Soviet Space Bat

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