Happy Birthday, Michael and Paul!

I’d like to particularly thank my Greek friend and former classmate, Michael Botzaropoulos for helping me to record this album. He was the main engineer for this project. He was also responsible for mastering all the tracks. In terms of ‘Reality Bites’, it was his work in every sense of the recording process, including production. He was like a conductor during the recording of that song. This also gives me an opportunity to specially wish him a Happy Birthday, today (the main reason I wanted this album to be released on 8th November). Thank you, Mike... I think we have unleashed a monster in the making of this album. :-)

Paul Hooker, my former neighbour, helped me with the artwork for the album, editing photos and designing the album. I have really troubled and confused him with some of my ideas and drawings needed for the inlet. He managed to narrow everything down for me and prepare an impressive album cover and inlet despite the various compromises that were made. Even on his birthday (which was yesterday on the 7th November), he set some time aside for me to do this work. Thank you, Paul. Much appreciated and apologies if I have driven you mad at any point. :-)

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