4th August 2014
Crimson Crescent
Dear Comrades,

It has been hundred years since the outbreak of First World War. I couldn’t have asked for a better moment to release my latest album, in fact a double album- ‘Akashvani’.

Have a listen to the album and for best listening experience I would advise you to play the album from start to finish without skipping. Maybe, you’ll find out why. Just imagine watching a movie. Would you rather watch the whole thing or just a few clips here and there? The choice is yours. This is like a soundtrack version of a movie or listening to an audio book.

The album will be available in a physical format on a later date and that will accompany an actual book (yes, something that you can hold on to) called ‘Inside Crimson Crescent’.  Double album and a book! It will be a complete multidimensional experience.

This work is dedicated in its entirety to unsung heroes, those who make a difference in our world by sacrificing their own comforts for the sake of others. It is for those who strive to rise above the adverse situations around them against all odds. It is for those who are true to themselves and dare to follow their dreams. This could very well be your story.

Power to the people and hail the human spirit!

With flying kisses,
Soviet Space Bat
P.S.: Here are links to the album:

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