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8th March 2017

100 th Year of International Women's Day and the Russian Revolution

Salute to the Starman:

There have been numerous great bands and musicians throughout History. But very few of them actually were as influential, artistic, challenging and threatening as Bowie. The music world might not have been so colourful without his contribution. He inspired and influenced so many artists that I really admire. So, indirectly, I have got to be thankful him. Now, he is in another dimension and his spirit lives on...

1st January 2016

New Year/New Day/Any Day Message: Comrades, power to the people and hail the human spirit! If you believe in yourself, you can rise above anything- whether you are up in the clouds or on a field that is left to plough. So, surpass the ill-effects of Mars, the influence of Saturn and reach out for the stars!


14th July 2015
Crimson Crescent

Dear Comrades,

New Horizons- a NASA space probe was launched on 19th January 2006 to study the planet Pluto.

There is a track on my third album- 'Akashvani' called 'New Horizons' that is a reference to this mission but it is also about forming an alliance with even with our sworn rivals and forgetting our differences for a higher cause. To coincide with the entry of the space probe 'New Horizons' into Pluto's atmosphere, today on 14th July 2015, nine and a half years after its launch, here is a free downloadable single 'New Horizons'. It was featured on the double album- 'Akashvani' that was released in 2014. There are also some hidden information that NASA is unaware of. Is there life on Pluto? Are we alone here on earth? To find out more have a listen to the track here: or

Some parts of the recording can be traced back as far as 2006, the same year when the spacecraft was launched. The origins of the instrumental section goes even further back to a yellow chair and an acoustic guitar on a small terrace in a suburb of Mumbai, India in 2003! The original title back then was intended to be 'The Pendulum', the first "complete" song that the Bat ever wrote and lasted for maybe just over two minutes. It just got modified over the years and turned into something else by 2014! The track itself was also on a journey that lasted a decade!

The Plutonians will be so thrilled to receive an alien guest from an alien planet. Their sci-fi dreams will finally come true and some of ours too!

With flying kisses,
Soviet Space Bat

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